Wednesday, February 11, 2009

1860 Rhein-Panorama, Mainz bis Coln

We have listed a beautiful 1860 panorama, a section of the Rhine river, an area full of castles, between the towns of Mainz and Cologne. It is almost 100 inches long, 16 pages folded into a portfolio.

This morning I received a request from a gentleman in Cologne: Could I send him a close-up of the area across the river from Cologne? Specifically, the area between the towns of Deutz and Poll?

And MORE specifically, is there a WINDMILL there?

Now this map was printed over 150 years ago. The engraving is outstanding, and I obliged him with a closeup. (You can get there yourself by looking at my posting on this web album, which includes a terrific magnifier:

He is satisfied; the windmill is there; we LOVE this business!

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